undefinedKate on University Challenge

Kate Lynes, a Queen Mary University student who was connected to Enteric through the NCBRSI appeared on University Challenge on 5th October 2015.

Statement from Kate:
"University Challenge has always been my favourite television programme and a passion of mine since childhood. Pursuing a career in Medicine and in particular Colorectal Surgery has been a lifelong ambition. Following medical school, I knew that I wanted to become involved in research; undertaking a research fellowship at the National Centre for Bowel Research & Surgical Innovation, at Queen Mary University London allowed me the opportunity to pursue this interest.

My research focuses on the factors that determine whether sphincter preservation is possible for patients undergoing surgical treatment for rectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK and the rectum is the most frequently affected part of the bowel. The sphincter muscles are found at the lowest part of the bowel and allow us to control the passage of waste from the body. For some patients with rectal cancer, they may need to have surgery to remove this lowest part of the bowel with creation of a stoma (an opening on the front of your abdomen which diverts stool into a bag on the outside of your body). The research is looking at ways to allow as many patients with rectal cancer to keep their sphincters intact and allow them to have normal function following their treatment.

Taking part in University Challenge was an amazing experience. My subject of ‘Sphincter Preservation’ did attract a lot of interest, particularly on social media sites. Although some of the comments were amusing, it was interesting to see that there was very little awareness of the issues covered in our research. I am glad that this appearance led to improved coverage in the media and discussion about this important topic."