How can I protect my Intellectual Property?

We sign a non-disclosure agreement with all interested parties.

In a joint funding application, who owns the Intellectual Property?

Ownership of IP belongs to the original inventor. If this is an NHS staff member, then the IP will belong to the employing Trust or other organisation. The IP may be assigned to the principal investigator's company, but it must be a legal document. IP in technology improvements may belong to the originator of the idea or the developer, but this must be set out in a license or development agreement. In all cases, the idea originator should seek professional advice before executing any agreement or entering into a partnership.

Would Enteric be able to fund directly my new technology idea?

Enteric's Executive team will decide case by case upon completion of our Project Evaluation Form.

Would Enteric be able to assist in a funding application for development of new technology?

Enteric might be able to advise on the correct funding stream for the specific project. In certain circumstances, a joint funding bid between Enteric and an industrial partner may be deemed appropriate.

Would Enteric help to facilitate the adoption of new technology?

Enteric's remit covers early stage evaluation and clinical trials, but not adoption.