Does Enteric offer assistance with pharmaceutical research or commercial marketing of new technologies?

Enteric’s remit does not include either pharmaceutical research or the dissemination and commercial marketing of new technologies once developed.

How can I protect my Intellectual Property?

We sign a non-disclosure agreement with all interested parties.

In a joint funding application, who owns the Intellectual Property?

In applications with multiple parties, Enteric encourages the drafting of an agreement for any current IP, and that future IP to be split proportionally to the work conducted by each party. When Enteric HTC is written into an application we are costed in for consultancy and have no interest in obtaining IP.

Would Enteric be able to fund directly my new technology idea?

Enteric HTC can provide seed funding for new technology, these are assessed on a monthly basis by the executive team on a case by case basis upon completing a Project Evaluation Form.

Would Enteric be able to assist in a funding application for development of new technology?

Enteric is able to advise on the correct funding stream for the specific project.

Would Enteric help to facilitate the adoption of new technology?

Enteric's remit covers early stage evaluation, clinical trials and regulatory conformity. We do not cover commercialisation or market access, however we work closely with other organisations and NIHR infrastructure that have a greater focus on these areas.