As part of our mission to identify and assess unmet clinical need in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the GI tract, we are constantly seeking new ideas for medical device innovations. Many improvements and novel ideas come from healthcare professionals and researchers specialising in the different clinical areas of the GI tract.

If you are a clinician and/or a researcher working in the area of digestive diseases and GI health we would like to hear from you for any of the following reasons:

  • To identify unmet needs in a clinical area – if you have evidence of an issue in your field or wish to hold a workshop to discuss/discover an unmet need.
  • To develop new technology or technique – we are able to provide guidance on product development from proof of concept to a market ready device:
    • Business consultancy
    • Public sector grant applications
    • Intellectual property advice
    • Regulatory consulting
    • Finding industrial or clinical partners
    • Feasibility studies
  • To conduct a clinical study on a device – we have compiled a UK wide clinical network for the rapid and efficient assessment of novel devices, repurposing of existing technology and comparative studies.
  • To be a member of our clinical network

Currently we focus our work on 4 major themes:

  • Stoma (e.g. innovations that reduce the need for a stoma, prevent stoma complications or improve current appliances and quality of life for ostomates)
  • Treatments at the neural interface (e.g. implantable or transcutaneous therapies that effect neuromodulation, including electroceuticals)
  • Novel diagnostics (in-vivo or in-vitro technologies, e.g. intraluminal or cross-sectional imaging, physiological measurement devices, and laboratory assays)
  • Safe and effective surgery (e.g. surgical instruments and implants, intra-operative imaging and lighting, and other theatre environmental or training innovations)

If you have an idea that falls slightly outside these main areas of focus, please still contact us. If we are unable to assist you we may be able to signpost your work to someone in our network who can.