Congratulations to Lucid and Professor Shaheen Hamdy, on the award of an NHS England funded £1m phase 2 SBRI Healthcare contract.  In response to an SBRI call for innovations to reduce the impact of frailty, Lucid is developing a more accessible diagnostic device for the causes of faecal incontinence (FI), with integrated biofeedback therapy functionality. 

Professor Shaheen Hamdy created the original concept, recognising that specialist centres were under severe pressure.  His proposal was a disruptive device innovation which could help meet NICE objectives to treble FI diagnostics with a better connected care pathway.

In primary care, the An-i-sys system will improve on a basic digital examination, by providing comprehensive quantitative data to highly trained community based continence specialist nurses.  This data could help justify earlier referral to specialist, or onto conservative care pathways as appropriate.  In secondary care, An-i-sys rapid calibration and setup could increase capacity, particularly in GI Physiology units.  As part of research funded by a separate “Pitch to Titch” award Potential paediatric applications including new pre and post-surgical uses have also been identified.